Dubai Dance Week 2019

Dubai Dance Zone presenting «Dubai Dance Week» 2019


  • Juveniles 1  (st/la/6 dances) World Cup;
  • Juveniles 2  (st/la/8 dances) World Cup;
  • Junior 1 (st/la/10 dances) World Cup;
  • Junior 2  (st/la) WDSF Open;
  • Junior 2  (10 dances) Open;
  • Youth (st/la) WDSF Open;
  • Youth (10 dances) Open;
  • Under 21 (st/la/10 dances) Open;
  • Rising Star (st/la);
  • Adults (st/la) International Open;
  • Senior 1  (st/la) WDSF Open;
  • Senior 2  (st/la) WDSF Open;
  • Senior 3 (st) WDSF Open;
  • Senior 3 (la) Open;
  • Senior 4  (st) WDSF Open;
  • Senior 4  (la) Open;
  • Professional Division (st/la) Open;
  • T/S, ProAm Competition;
  • Beginners.

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Dubai Dance Week 2019

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