Dubai 2017

World Championship Club Teams

Dance Open Championship – Dubai 2017 wellcome all dance clubs to take part in the first edition of World Championship Club Teams on Saturday 09.12.2017 and in the Evening Gala on The 10.12.2017.

This is a proposal for all international dance clubs – Open to The World!

World Championship Club Teams – Dubai 2017

Each club will consist of 6 couples, 3 Standard, 3 Latin in the following age groups:

  • Junior I or II ( Standard / Latin );
  • Youth ( Standard / Latin );
  • Adult ( Standard / Latin ).

Each club may have one couple of replacement by age. Each Team can add also couples from another different clubs and countries to their Team. No entry for Teams. Prize Money for all finalists! Limited to 16 teams.

Limited to 16 teams. Teams will be registered by rigorous arrival order.